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About Us

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Villa san Giovanni Italian restaurant has been a traditional family owned and operated restaurant. It was born on Wonderboom airport back in 1981 and has since grown up to be a well-established family restaurant known for its authentic food and passionate owners, the Maiorana family. For the past 36 years we have been located in the same location constantly trying to improve both our quality and our offering whilst embracing the constant changes that we have experienced over the years.

Expanding the brand has been discussed for many years and we now believe that it’s the right time to spread our wings and reach for the sky. Our new “flight” is called Villa San Giovanni Italia which opened it’s doors at the Sinoville Corner shopping Centre in Sinoville . Born and reached immense success on an airport, the aviation theme will have a strong presence which will be carried through in the design elements we have hand-picked for this new store, something we believe will set us apart from the conventional restaurant. Our famous rotating pizza oven which operates on wood, gas and electricity is currently on the waters to make its debut at the opening, making us still the only restaurant in south Africa to make use of this advanced piece of equipment contributing to what makes our pizza a step above.

The menu will be a slightly reduced version of our current menu with a bigger focus on the pizza, pasta and salads however you can expect some of the favourite meat and chicken dishes too, that have become so loved by our patrons over the years. We have also introduced a hand full of completely new dishes which we are sure will capture your taste buds and enhance your love for Italian food. Our famous Magazine menu will once again be a feature boasting everything from our mouth-watering food selection to our well selected wine list and exciting cocktails without leaving out our famous desserts.

We look forward to sharing another great Italian meal with you!